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It’s 2012 and I am excited to be putting lots of new ideas and designs into my ongoing favorite series of work.  Overall, I am experimenting with more alternative glazing  options that include metallic lusters, raw minerals and glaze layering combinations.

I recently attended another superb workshop with my good friend and mentor Tom Coleman. I have had many opportunities to work with Tom and attend different workshops with him to hone my skills to new advanced levels. Much of my work has form taught to me by Tom and Eleanor Murphey my first mentor. I work predominantly with Coleman Porcelain and a specialty stoneware clay from Georgie’s called Rock Creek Porfessional formulated by Wally Schwab of Portland.

All this new work is done essentially for myself. Much of it is sold, shown or given to charitable events for fundraising. I will do special orders for people but the time frame for my work is variable due to constraints of full time employment.

Featured work includes two series:  hand built salmon, decorated with lusters as well as a current successful and popular series of oil lamps.  My love of exploration of the dark passages of wild caves for extended periods gave me a deep respect and love for the soft glow the lamps provide. I make hundreds of bowls both elaborate and simple for the Food Bank in Sequim to raise money.

  As a successful juried artist, I’m always anticipating a special show and participate every year in Empty Bowls projects and donate pieces to various charitable associations across the country.

Current Series:throwing

  •  One of a kind collectors pieces such as vases and bowls
  •  Wall hanging hand built, high fired salmon overglazed with metallic lusters
  •  Collective series of oil lamps fueled by smokeless paraffin lamp oil
  •  Extra large serving bowls
  •  Hanging assembled ceramic sculptures for placement inside or outside the house
  •  Indigenous clay oil spot series

   Contact Rudy Bauer at 360-681-3581

Newest Oil Lamps from Bauer Haus Pottery

Last week I fired my Geil Downdraft Kiln and had some great oil lamps come out. They burn smokeless parafin lamp oil and are perfect for home or gifts. Where I live the lamps serve their purpose with frequent power outages. I basically love them because as a veteran cave explorer the soft candle light is perfect for winter nights or long summer evenings without using electricity. The lamps are safe and reliable. Here’s a short video to see how they look.

Ceramic Art With Attention To Detail

Oil SPot PotteryPlease visit my site and comment on anything you see. I love to chat about my ongoing work.

I currently do not have any of my large bowls photographed as they sell as fast as I can make them. Visit the Blue Whole Gallery to see them and I’ll work on getting a few extra ones made for the summer and photos of them.





OilLamp_edited-1Ferric chloride sagger fired








Copper Blue LampCopper over Iron Oil LampSmall oil lamp copper BlueCopper red oil lamp_edited-1